My website went live – now what?

1 March 2018
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My website went live – now what?

Our ultimate guide to making the most of your website

Now that you’ve just launched your brand new website, you will be keen to see how well it is going to perform! It is important to remember that after going live and submitting the website to Google, it can take up to 4 weeks for your website to start showing in search results. This can be a little frustrating, so in the meantime we can get to work with really super-charging your new digital asset.

So what is next?

The very first step after your website goes live (or even before) is to make sure your business is listed on Google My Business. This is a free business directory offered by Google and will give you an excellent opportunity to start reaching customers fairly quickly.

To achieve the best results from your website, either yourself, or a team member will need to plan and set aside time to regularly update various sections and components of your site. Take a look at some of Viva Digital’s key points to keep things up to date:

Search Engine Optimisation
It’s important that you maintain a regular effort towards your Search Engine Optimisation. Publishing new articles weekly or fortnightly will definitely help. Speak to other relevant businesses and see if they will link to your website, this is great for SEO and tells Google your website is credible if done correctly. Ensure that your technical SEO is constantly kept up to date, as if Google can’t properly crawl or view your site, then it will struggle to index it well in search results. SEO is an ongoing process with results that you rarely see immediately, however, the initial steps that you take just after launching a new site can certainly make a huge impact of the ranking in Google searches for your website’s keywords that will begin to bring in site traffic, leads or orders.

Website Content
This is one of the most crucial factors for helping your ranking. Ensure that your website has engaging content that helps its users but don’t overdo things. For optimal SEO results, sparingly add your target keywords to your articles and blogs occasionally but remember that the smart Google algorithms will detect any keyword stuffing, resulting in your website being pushed lower down the rankings for its target keywords.

Start collecting data on your existing customers and remarket to them with Google AdWords Remarketing. It’s very cost-effective and great exposure for your business. If you have potential customers who have interacted with your website, but not taken things to the next step and placed an order with you, remarketing will advertise your products or services to them when they’re using other mobile apps, visiting other websites and searching other sites.

Website Maintenance
Your website is the window to your business, and through this, the impact that your service or product delivers is perceived. A website that is well maintained is crucial to attract and retain customers, provide new information, services and products and maintain search engine rankings.

So that your website runs efficiently, it’s important that it has a monthly health check, including updates to the WordPress core, plugins, and security. If you are time poor or not tech-savvy, Viva Digital can help with a low-cost maintenance package to suit your requirements.

Google AdWords
Search ads are a great way to reach customers looking for your product or service. You are now able to view your new website climbing its way to the top of search engine rankings using Google AdWords – an advertising service operated by Google. With Cost Per Click, (CPC), Quality Scores and many more factors all playing their part, the majority of marketers recommend that AdWords is vital to search marketing. If you need any insights or advice in starting a campaign, please get in touch.

Help is at hand!
You’ve worked hard to develop and create a fantastic and engaging website, but then other business matters take priority while your website may lose its shine and languishes until you find time again. If you find your business struggling to keep on top of Google’s rankings or to keep your website content up to date, contact Viva Digital for a free chat on how we can help. We offer SEO strategies that will help improve your Google and Bing organic traffic and Pay-Pay-Click packages.

As ever, I am always available for a chat on 0475 045 034.

If you need any help or advice for your own digital strategy, simply get in touch! You can also follow Viva Digital on Facebook to receive regular news, tips and how-tos in your feed. Thanks for reading.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

With more than 20 years of industry experience in the UK, USA and Australia under his belt, Paul Smith is a seasoned professional who will infuse your digital marketing with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Paul specialises in digital strategy, SEO and data analytics.

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