Viva Digital Helps Exodus Gym Drive Membership Sign-ups

27 June 2023
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Services provided: Search Engine Optimisation & Google Ads

Exodus Gym based in Wellington, New Zealand, partnered with Viva Digital to enhance their digital marketing efforts. With the aim of boosting membership sign-ups, Viva Digital devised a comprehensive strategy to maximise the gym’s online presence and attract a wider audience. Through a combination of strategic tactics and effective campaigns, Viva Digital successfully achieved outstanding results for Exodus Gym.

Search Engine Dominance

To enhance Exodus Gym’s visibility in search engine results, Viva Digital implemented a robust search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. By conducting thorough keyword research and optimising the gym’s website content, Viva Digital helped Exodus Gym secure the coveted top position on Google for key search terms related to functional fitness, wellness, and gyms in Wellington. This prominent visibility significantly increased organic traffic to the website, ensuring that Exodus Gym remained at the forefront of potential members’ minds.

Remarketing Campaign

Retaining existing members is just as important as acquiring new ones. Viva Digital recognised this and executed an effective remarketing campaign for Exodus Gym. By strategically targeting website visitors who had shown interest but had not yet signed up for a membership, Viva Digital utilised tailored ads to re-engage these individuals. Through compelling ad creative and strategic placements, Exodus Gym successfully converted a significant number of prospects into loyal members. This approach not only bolstered the gym’s retention rate but also contributed to increased overall membership sign-ups.

Cost-effective Google Ads

Viva Digital optimised Exodus Gym’s Google Ads campaigns, focusing on driving conversions while minimising costs. By conducting meticulous keyword analysis and crafting compelling ad copy, Viva Digital managed to decrease the cost per acquisition to a remarkable $15. This outstanding achievement meant that Exodus Gym was able to acquire new members at a fraction of the previous cost, resulting in significant cost savings for the client. The efficient allocation of the advertising budget also ensured that every marketing dollar spent generated tangible results.

Thanks to Viva Digital’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Exodus Gym achieved remarkable success in driving membership sign-ups. With their expertise in search engine optimisation, remarketing campaigns, cost-effective Google Ads, and expert copywriting, Viva Digital helped Exodus Gym secure the top position on Google, retain existing members, reduce acquisition costs, and engage the target audience effectively. The collaborative efforts of Exodus Gym and Viva Digital resulted in substantial growth for the gym, establishing them as a premier fitness destination in Wellington.

Client Review

Genuine experts in the digital space who use years of tried and tested strategies and tactics to get phenomenal results for clients.
Aaron Ng, Marketing Manager

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