Search domination for Totally Mobile Roadworthy in 2 years

19 October 2021
Services provided: Branding, CRO, Web Design, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Content

In this case study, we highlight our successful collaboration with Totally Mobile Roadworthy, a Queensland-based company specialising in providing reliable mobile roadworthy inspections. By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we were able to help them achieve outstanding results and exceed their expectations.

Cost-Effective Google Ads Campaign
One of the primary objectives for Totally Mobile Roadworthy was to generate high-quality leads through Google Ads. Through meticulous research, strategic planning, and continuous optimisation, we were able to deliver exceptional results. Our expert team managed to achieve a remarkable cost per lead that was only 20% of the client’s initial expectations. This outstanding performance allowed the client to maximise their return on investment and reach a wider audience in a cost-effective manner.

Explosive Growth in Organic Traffic
To enhance Totally Mobile Roadworthy’s online presence and visibility, we implemented a robust search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. By targeting relevant keywords and optimising the website’s content, we witnessed a massive explosion in organic traffic. Over time, the client’s website consistently gained traction, attracting an increasing number of highly qualified visitors. This sustained growth in organic traffic demonstrated our expertise in boosting online visibility and driving valuable traffic to the website.

User-Friendly Website with High Conversion Rate
Understanding the significance of an intuitive and conversion-focused website, we revamped Totally Mobile Roadworthy’s online platform. Our team of skilled designers and developers crafted a user-friendly website that ensured a seamless browsing experience for visitors. The result was an impressive conversion rate of 35%, significantly surpassing industry benchmarks. The user-centric design and strategic placement of persuasive elements played a vital role in captivating visitors and encouraging them to take action.

Ongoing Success and Future Growth
Our collaboration with Totally Mobile Roadworthy continues to yield positive outcomes, with an upward trajectory in their digital marketing performance. By implementing data-driven insights, ongoing optimisation, and staying abreast of industry trends, we have helped the client maintain their competitive edge. We remain committed to supporting their long-term growth and achieving even greater success in the future.

Totally Mobile Roadworthy’s partnership with Viva Digital has proven to be a remarkable digital marketing success story. Through our expertise in Google Ads, search engine optimisation, and web design, we have delivered outstanding results for the client. By surpassing their expectations in cost per lead, driving explosive organic traffic growth, and achieving a remarkable website conversion rate, we have positioned Totally Mobile Roadworthy as a leading player in their industry. If you are seeking exceptional digital marketing solutions to elevate your business, contact Viva Digital today.

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Client Review

Paul & his team at Viva Digital are professionals & specialists in their field. Viva take the time help us navigate through the digital process as we continue to grow and develop our business. Would highly recommend 🙂
Rachelle Baker, Business Owner

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