Achieving +$81M Growth for Stonewood Homes

26 February 2021
Services provided: Conversion Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads & Content

Stonewood Homes are a franchise building network located in New Zealand. In November 2019, we were brought in alongside our partners at Primal Agency and together we became their entirely outsourced marketing team, managing everything from the overarching business and marketing strategy, right down to the development and execution of their campaigns and go-to-market tactics.

Over the course of the engagement, we uncovered the requirement to drive standardisation in the franchise network in terms of both marketing and operations, and also the need to cement a solid unique value proposition to differentiate the brand in the market. We also foresaw a great opportunity in Stonewood’s go-to-market strategy that we knew with better execution and focus would see record results for them, not just in terms of leads, but the conversion to sales.

Our part of the project was to increase visibility in Google Search through organic and paid search strategies.

Some of the achievements to date include, but are not limited to:

  • A significantly stronger digital strategy encompassing SEO, PPC, Organic and Paid Social that has seen a +62.6% increase in traffic to the website
  • +295% increase in lead volume
  • A stronger performing social media presence that has resulted in in a +380.2% increase in traffic to the website
  • Delivery of tools to help with brand consistency and speed to market across the network including creative portal with approval process
  • Enhanced reporting including the delivery of the lead response survey identifying a major key issues in the business
  • The delivery of a fully integrated marketing team that also has experience operationally in the franchise building space supporting the brand to realise double digit growth in sales which above all metrics is the real key to growth

The Strategy

In order to achieve the aggressive growth Stonewood Homes were looking to achieve, Viva Digital took a holistic view that not only was focussed on delivering more enquiry, but also on enhancing the experience and capability of the franchisees in their local area.

Over the course of creating and executing the plan, significant investment was placed in research, both internally and externally to the business, with all signs pointing toward the need to concentrate on some of the fundamentals of business and marketing. The need to lay solid foundations for the years to come that will facilitate continuous improvement in marketing performance and brand equity.

Everything that has been executed has been geared toward achieving the vision of being New Zealand’s most recommended home builder and the mission to be the builder partner of choice. The plan also focuses on driving a customer-centric culture that will become part of the DNA of the Stonewood Homes brand as a result of impacting the 3 key components of time, transparency and trust.

The Results







Client Review

Genuine experts in the digital space who use years of tried and tested strategies and tactics to get phenomenal results for clients.
Aaron Ng, Marketing Manager

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