Doubling organic traffic for SkinKandy with SEO

26 May 2021
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In this case study, we highlight our successful collaboration with SkinKandy, a leading provider of jewellery and piercing services across Australia. Through our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we achieved remarkable results that surpassed expectations and propelled SkinKandy to new heights in the online realm.

Exponential Growth in Online Jewellery Sales
SkinKandy had a clear objective of expanding their online jewellery sales. Leveraging our expertise in e-commerce marketing, we implemented a strategic plan that revolutionised their online presence. The results were nothing short of extraordinary, as we witnessed a staggering 40x growth in online jewellery sales. Our data-driven approach, combined with targeted campaigns and conversion optimisation, fuelled this exponential growth and positioned SkinKandy as a dominant player in the industry.

Cost-Effective Google Ads Campaign
To maximise SkinKandy’s reach and drive valuable conversions, we executed a highly effective Google Ads campaign. Our meticulous research and campaign optimisation resulted in an exceptional achievement: a cost per acquisition of less than $2. This outstanding performance not only showcased our expertise in paid advertising but also enabled SkinKandy to achieve an impressive return on investment. The cost-effective nature of the campaign allowed them to expand their customer base and boost their revenue significantly.

Doubling of SEO Organic Traffic
Recognising the importance of organic visibility, we implemented a comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy for SkinKandy. Through meticulous keyword research, on-page optimisation, and targeted content creation, we managed to double their SEO organic traffic within a span of 18 months. This significant growth in organic visibility demonstrated our ability to enhance SkinKandy’s online presence and attract highly qualified traffic to their website.

SkinKandy’s collaboration with Viva Digital has resulted in a remarkable digital marketing success story. Through our expertise in e-commerce marketing, Google Ads, and search engine optimisation, we have delivered outstanding results for the client. The unprecedented 40x growth in online jewellery sales, the impressive cost per acquisition in Google Ads, and the doubling of SEO organic traffic have positioned SkinKandy as a leader in the jewellery and piercing industry. If you are looking to achieve remarkable digital marketing success, contact Viva Digital today.

Client Review

Finally, we have found a digital agency that listens to what we need and actually cares about getting us results. We have seen a massive improvement in digital since engaging Viva Digital for SEO and Google Ads. Thanks Paul for all your help.
Mark Oliphant, CEO

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