Mr Rental sees a 30% improvement in CPA

19 May 2022
Services provided: Google Ads, CRO & SEO Consulting

Our strategic approach and expertise have helped Mr Rental achieve significant milestones, including increased leads, reduced cost-per-acquisition, and improved online visibility. This engagement was in collaboration with Primal Agency.

Solid PPC Strategy:
We developed a solid pay-per-click (PPC) strategy to maximise Mr Rental’s online presence and drive targeted traffic. Through meticulous keyword research, compelling ad copy, and ongoing campaign optimisation, we positioned Mr Rental in front of the right audience at the right time. The collaboration with Primal Agency allowed us to implement an effective PPC strategy that generated valuable leads and supported Mr Rental’s sales growth.

Reduced Cost-per-Acquisition in Google Ads:
By refining our approach and leveraging data-driven insights, we successfully reduced the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) in Google Ads by 30% for Mr Rental. Through continuous campaign optimisation, strategic bidding, and ad performance analysis, we maximised the return on investment and ensured efficient lead generation. The significant reduction in CPA showcased our ability to deliver tangible results while optimising ad spend for Mr Rental.

Expansion of Google Ads Account for Increased Leads:
To drive substantial lead generation, we expanded Mr Rental’s Google Ads account, resulting in a remarkable 250% increase in leads. Through comprehensive keyword expansion, ad group restructuring, and ad extension optimisation, we created a robust campaign structure that captured the attention of prospective customers. This expansion not only increased the volume of leads but also enhanced the overall effectiveness of Mr Rental’s online advertising efforts.

SEO Audit and Recommendations for Improved Visibility:
Recognising the importance of organic visibility, we conducted a thorough SEO audit for Mr Rental’s two websites. By analysing on-page elements, technical SEO factors, and backlink profiles, we identified areas for improvement and provided detailed recommendations. Our expertise in SEO allowed us to optimise the websites, enhancing their visibility on search engines and driving organic traffic to Mr Rental’s digital assets.

Consultation for Conversion Rate Optimisation:
Understanding the significance of conversion rate optimisation (CRO), we provided expert consultation to Mr Rental. By analysing user behaviour, conducting A/B tests, and implementing data-driven changes, we optimised the user experience and streamlined the conversion funnel. Our CRO efforts helped Mr Rental maximise conversions, improve customer engagement, and increase overall revenue.

The collaboration between Mr Rental and Viva Digital has resulted in exceptional digital marketing success. We developed a solid PPC strategy, reduced cost-per-acquisition, and expanded the Google Ads account to generate more leads. Additionally, our SEO audit and recommendations improved online visibility, while our CRO consultation enhanced the conversion process. If you are looking for expert digital marketing solutions to boost leads and increase sales, contact Viva Digital today.

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Paul Smith

With more than 20 years of industry experience in the UK, USA and Australia under his belt, Paul Smith is a seasoned professional who will infuse your digital marketing with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Paul specialises in digital strategy, SEO and data analytics.