Improve Your Blog Images

14 November 2017

Improve Your Blog Images

You might be a great blog-writer, but the best way to get people to stop for the split second it takes them to decide whether to read your words or not is to use an arresting image.

Your blog images aren’t just there to break up the wordage – although of course that always helps – they’re there to help your blog compete with all the others. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do if you want your blog images to really work for you.

Filter out the naff stock images

Yes, they’re out there and may well make up 90% of the images you have to trawl through. This doesn’t mean you have to use any of them, though. Consider it a favour to everyone; if people stop using them, people will stop producing them… Look out for and avoid:

  • wall-sized computer displays; they’re just too popular in business blogs and don’t actually say anything;
  • bright, dazzling white office spaces – no-one works in a place like this, unless they’re just about to be abducted by aliens;
  • people standing confidently with a big grin and crossed arms as this looks like they’ve just been caught shoplifting, and
  • chalkboards with ker-azee

Take some time to search for the gems; it’ll pay off.

Go leftfield

Not quirky and ditzy, make it proper weird so that readers can’t help but stop for a few seconds to work out why the chicken is on a skateboard and whether she’s enjoying the ride or not. What sort of person uses images like this? Reading the blog will make it all clear. Probably.

Be good-looking

One of the best examples to follow is Instagram as it exists solely to host striking, beautiful and attention-grabbing images. Take a tour and look closely at the photos that make you pause. Is there a filter? How is the photo composed? Does it ask or answer questions?

Ally your images with your content

Let’s say you’re writing about networking and getting a good group of interlinked people together. In your first paragraph you talk about this network as if it’s a web, so you use the image of a spider weaving its web. This brings everything together.

Use your own photos

There’s no chance of your photo being unoriginal if it’s your very own work. You could capture the scene from your office window, or a quick snap of your colleagues hard at work, especially if they look like they’re having fun. Even a smartphone photo will do nicely – after all, it’s guaranteed to be unique!

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith

With more than 20 years of industry experience in the UK, USA and Australia under his belt, Paul Smith is a seasoned professional who will infuse your digital marketing with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Paul specialises in digital strategy, SEO and data analytics.