How to use Reviews for marketing

2 March 2016

How to use Reviews for marketing

reviewsMore than two thirds of consumers read customer reviews before making a purchase. If you’re using several online channels for your marketing, reviews – even not so good ones – are invaluable. Customers spend more on companies with glowing reviews. For local or smaller businesses, it seems that reliability and expertise are the most important factors.

Reviews build trust in the credibility of your service or product, as well as drawing in more traffic to your site. Make your reviews work even harder for you by using these four tips:

Display customer reviews to build a reputation
Don’t hide them – make them shout out at customers. Display reviews as boldly as you can. A good idea is to give your reviews their own page, as many a time, these recommendations answer questions that potential clients might have.

Answer reviews as soon as possible
Fast responses show you care and you should respond to negative feedback too. No company is perfect, and it’s the way you deal with mistakes that counts. Ask the customer to contact you directly to resolve a problem, as this builds trust and respect and demonstrates that you’re honest and conscientious.

Make your customers your ambassadors
Creating new content for your site is hard work, so why not use customer reviews to inform, entertain and build your brand awareness for you?

An ambassador’s “voice” will add to yours as it’s different, honest and down-to-earth. Having brand ambassadors can really create a surge in traffic to your site.

Check review sites regularly
Review sites are essentially business directories that display clients’ experiences. When someone searches for a business or product, they can find out what others think. There are many review sites to choose from, so make accounts with several and monitor what’s being said.

Many review sites also allow advertising, or let you pay to display your best-rated reviews first. If you choose this option, you need to make sure your branding and contact details are visible.

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