Diversify your PPC with Tiktok Search Ads

14 March 2023

Diversify your PPC with Tiktok Search Ads

TikTok’s upcoming launch of Search Ads is creating quite a stir in the advertising industry. With rumours suggesting general access will be given soon, Google Ads specialists see this as a massive opportunity to capitalise on this new market. However, one significant issue remains: TikTok media buyers lack pay-per-click (PPC) experience, and PPCers lack TikTok experience.

To solve this problem, specialists must be the bridge between TikTok Search and Google Search. By collaborating with TikTok media buyers, PPCers can leverage their experience and knowledge of creatives. Specialists can use search term data from Google to target ads on TikTok and search term data from TikTok to target ads on Google. Through analysing the differences in search term data from both platforms, specialists can adapt based on the channel. What works on Google may not work on TikTok.

TikTok’s entry into the search ads market is an attempt to challenge the likes of Google and Microsoft. Although Google has been the dominant player in this market, TikTok’s user base is rapidly expanding. As TikTok’s user base is largely comprised of Gen Z and millennial users, the platform provides a new advertising platform for businesses looking to reach younger, more engaged audiences. Studies suggest that nearly 40% of young people searching for a lunch spot would do so on TikTok or Instagram rather than Google Maps or Search.

TikTok’s search ads platform will allow businesses to bid on specific keywords and phrases related to their products or services, just like they would on Google. However, TikTok’s platform is likely to offer unique features and targeting options that Google does not. For instance, TikTok’s platform may provide more robust audience targeting options, allowing advertisers to reach users based on their interests, behaviours, and demographics.

For consumers, TikTok’s entry into the search ads market could result in more relevant and targeted ads. If advertisers can effectively target their ads to specific audiences, consumers may be more likely to engage with those ads and find products and services that are relevant to their interests.

However, TikTok’s foray into the search ads market is not without risks. Google has a massive head start in this market, and TikTok will need to offer compelling features and competitive pricing to attract advertisers away from Google’s platform. Additionally, TikTok will need to ensure that its search ads platform is user-friendly and does not detract from the user experience on the app.

TikTok’s entry into the search ads market represents a new opportunity to reach younger, more engaged audiences. By offering a new advertising platform with robust audience targeting options and unique features, TikTok may be able to provide advertisers with a more effective way to reach these valuable demographics. Although there are challenges, specialists who can bridge the gap between TikTok and Google Search may be able to take advantage of this new market and help their clients achieve greater success.

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith

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