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Where is Caloundra?

Nestled in the scenic Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Caloundra lies approximately 90 kilometres north of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane. Renowned for its captivating beaches and tranquil ambience, this coastal town is where we at Viva Digital find our inspiration for exceptional web design.

Famed for its array of stunning beaches like Kings Beach, Bulcock Beach, Moffat Beach, and Dicky Beach, Caloundra is a haven for those who appreciate the ocean’s allure. Whether it’s swimming, sunbathing, or engaging in water sports, the crystal-clear blue waters and unspoiled coastline make it a paradise for outdoor aficionados.

The town exudes a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, enriched by an array of leisurely activities and facilities. The esplanade is adorned with lush parklands, inviting picnic areas, children’s playgrounds, and barbecue amenities, making it an ideal setting for quality time with loved ones. Caloundra also prides itself on a lively café and dining landscape, featuring a wide array of culinary options to suit all tastes.

Caloundra’s year-round calendar is peppered with vibrant events and festivals such as the Caloundra Music Festival and Caloundra Fringe Festival, spotlighting local talents and offering an array of entertainment for both residents and visitors alike.

If you’re a Caloundra-based business struggling to gain the online visibility required in today’s competitive digital landscape, Viva Digital has the local expertise in digital marketing to elevate your online presence.


If you’ve ever worked with a big marketing company, you’ll probably know how it feels to be treated like a number. It’s easy to get lost and forgotten about, with a cookie-cutter digital marketing strategy put in place with little communication or care for your business.

Doesn’t sound like value for money, does it?

That’s because it’s not. As a small team, Viva Digital is committed to delivering more. A more tailored service that aligns with your business goals. We take the time to listen and learn, to understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

Here at Viva Digital, we offer a unique blend of innovation, creativity, and pragmatism, specifically tailored to meet Caloundra’s distinctive business environment.

Our focus extends beyond mere visual appeal. We engineer robust, engaging websites that are fully optimised for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices alike. Our design strategy is underscored by tangible conversion objectives, aiming for measurable increases in customer enquiries and revenue generation for your Caloundra-based business.


SEO involves optimising your website so that it ranks better on search engines. But it’s more than that. It’s about discovering who your target audience is, how they search, and what terms they search for. We take the time to understand what your audience wants, and that’s how we deliver superior value for money.

So much of today’s business takes place online, with most people searching for something on Google well before they decide to make a purchase. So, to compete in this busy online marketplace, SEO is essential. It helps you get noticed and makes you so much easier for your customers to find.

Here at Viva Digital, we offer a range of on-page, off-page and technical SEO services to ensure your website is performing well in searches. But it’s not always about quantity. Our extensive keyword research identifies the best opportunities for you to rank well and attract traffic to your website.


At Viva Digital, we offer an expansive range of web design services tailored to meet your unique business needs in Caloundra. From crafting custom websites that encapsulate your brand’s essence to delivering responsive designs for optimal multi-device functionality, we’ve got you covered.

If e-commerce is your focus, we’ll build a visually engaging online store complete with secure payment gateways and intuitive navigation to maximise sales. For businesses seeking a revamp, our website redesign services assess your existing site and implement improvements in both aesthetics and functionality. We also excel in designing high-converting landing pages targeted for specific campaigns or products.

Additionally, our continuous website maintenance and support ensure your online platform stays secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business operations. Experience the full spectrum of our specialised web design services to elevate your online presence.


Website Design Services


Choosing a professional web design company delivers tangible benefits that DIY solutions simply can’t match. A customised design aligned with your brand identity ensures your website stands out, while a professionally guided user experience keeps visitors engaged and boosts conversions. The rising prevalence of mobile browsing makes mobile responsiveness indispensable; professionals guarantee your site performs impeccably on every device. They also integrate SEO best practices from the get-go, offering you a competitive edge in search engine rankings. The efficiency of using experts allows you to direct your time and energy toward growing your business, not wrestling with web development. Moreover, ongoing support and maintenance mean your website remains in peak condition, sparing you the hassle of troubleshooting and updates. In essence, investing in professional web design is an investment in the long-term success and scalability of your business.