An explosive 400% increase in leads for Demi International

25 May 2022
Services provided: Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation & Google Ads
Demi International, based in Queensland, is a leading provider of Beauty & Massage Training and Diplomas. With a strong commitment to delivering quality education, Demi International strives to empower individuals to excel in the beauty and wellness industry. To enhance their online presence and attract more prospective students, Demi International partnered with Viva Digital.

Before collaborating with Viva Digital, Demi International faced several challenges in their digital marketing efforts. They struggled to generate significant leads, resulting in a limited pool of potential students. Their Google Ads campaigns were not yielding the desired results, with a high cost per acquisition. Additionally, their website required a revamp to better showcase their offerings and convert visitors into leads.

Viva Digital’s Solutions:

1. Overnight Lead Generation Boost: Viva Digital implemented a simple yet game-changing strategy that propelled Demi International’s lead generation efforts to new heights. By optimising the website’s landing pages and incorporating persuasive calls-to-action, Viva Digital increased the number of leads overnight by an astounding 400%. This significant improvement positioned Demi International as a top contender in the competitive beauty and massage training industry.

2. Cost-Efficient Google Ads Campaigns: Recognising the importance of cost-effective advertising, Viva Digital undertook a thorough analysis of Demi International’s Google Ads campaigns. By leveraging their expertise in ad optimisation and strategic bidding, Viva Digital successfully reduced the cost per acquisition by an impressive 40%. This achievement allowed Demi International to allocate their marketing budget more efficiently while reaching a broader audience.

3. Revitalised Website for Enhanced Lead Generation: Understanding the critical role of a website in attracting and engaging potential students, Viva Digital developed a new, fresh website tailored to Demi International’s objectives. The revamped site incorporated captivating visuals, intuitive navigation, and persuasive content that highlighted the institution’s unique value proposition. By prioritising lead generation throughout the website’s design and implementing advanced conversion optimisation techniques, Viva Digital ensured a seamless user experience that consistently converted visitors into valuable leads.

4. Branding Refresh: Viva Digital recognised the importance of a strong and compelling brand identity in Demi International’s digital marketing efforts. With meticulous attention to detail, Viva Digital refreshed Demi International’s branding to reflect the institution’s values, expertise, and commitment to excellence. The refined branding elements, including an updated logo and cohesive visual assets, established a consistent and professional image across all marketing channels.

The collaboration between Demi International and Viva Digital has yielded remarkable outcomes:

Overnight, Demi International experienced an astounding 400% increase in leads, positioning them as a prominent player in the beauty and massage training industry.

The optimised Google Ads campaigns resulted in a significant 40% reduction in the cost per acquisition, enabling Demi International to maximise their marketing budget and attract a larger pool of potential students.
The revitalised website, centered around lead generation, consistently engaged visitors and converted them into valuable leads.

Demi International’s refreshed branding showcased their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence, reinforcing their market position and increasing brand recognition.

By collaborating with Viva Digital, Demi International has experienced a transformative digital marketing journey. The implementation of effective lead generation strategies, cost-efficient Google Ads campaigns, a revitalised website, and refreshed branding has propelled Demi International’s online presence to new heights. With increased leads, improved advertising ROI, and a captivating online platform, Demi International is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive beauty and massage training industry.

Client Review

Paul is great to work with a wealth of knowledge and makes a real difference to your businesses bottom line. Would highly recommend.
Ann Donnarumma, Business Owner

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith

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