An avalanche of leads for The Basketball Lab

25 March 2024

Client Overview

The Basketball Lab, based in Brisbane, Queensland, is a premier facility dedicated to basketball enthusiasts seeking to elevate their game through scientifically backed training programmes. Recognised for their innovative approach, they aimed to expand their community by attracting new members. Their journey led them to partner with Viva Digital for a comprehensive paid marketing strategy.


The core objective was clear: to boost membership through strategic online visibility. In a competitive digital arena, The Basketball Lab sought not just numbers, but quality leads that would translate into loyal members.


Viva Digital crafted a bespoke digital marketing strategy centring around Meta Ads and Google Ads. The plan was multi-faceted:

  1. Meta Ads: By leveraging precise targeting and compelling ad creatives, the campaign focused on individuals with a demonstrated interest in basketball and fitness. The content was designed to resonate with the audience’s aspirations, showcasing The Basketball Lab as the ultimate destination for basketball improvement.
  2. Google Ads: With a keen understanding of search intent, Viva Digital implemented a Google Ads strategy that captured potential members at various stages of their decision-making process. From broad informational queries to specific local searches, each ad was optimised for maximum visibility and relevance.
  3. Remarketing Ecosystem: Recognising the power of multiple touchpoints, a robust remarketing ecosystem was established. This integrated approach utilised Meta Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads to keep The Basketball Lab top-of-mind for website visitors, encouraging them to take the final step towards membership.


The results were nothing short of spectacular:

  • Exceptional Cost-Per-Lead: The Facebook Ads campaign achieved a remarkable cost-per-lead of just $5, demonstrating the campaign’s efficiency in identifying and converting high-quality leads.
  • Stellar ROI: Google Ads boasted an astounding 5500% ROI, a testament to the meticulously crafted ad copy and keyword strategy that resonated with the target audience, driving conversions at an impressive rate.
  • Brand Engagement: Beyond the numbers, there was a significant boost in brand awareness and engagement. The campaigns fostered a sense of community and excitement around The Basketball Lab, solidifying its position as a leading basketball training facility in Brisbane.
  • Remarketing Success: The integrated remarketing approach ensured that The Basketball Lab remained at the forefront of potential members’ minds, effectively nurturing leads through the conversion funnel.

Final Thoughts

Viva Digital’s strategic prowess in digital marketing has set a new benchmark with The Basketball Lab’s campaign. By blending innovation with data-driven insights, we not only met but exceeded our client’s objectives, paving the way for sustained growth and a vibrant, expanding community of basketball enthusiasts.

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Paul Smith

With more than 20 years of industry experience in the UK, USA and Australia under his belt, Paul Smith is a seasoned professional who will infuse your digital marketing with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Paul specialises in digital strategy, SEO and data analytics.